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Supporting a Strategy Execution

Partly outsourcing of the strategic management functions for certain time allowed to avoid of slowing down the business growth rate


An ambitious freshly developed strategy for the construction and installation company required new management skills and quality strategic management. The decision to postpone the execution of the strategy for the period the strategic management was created was not welcomed by the shareholders. Working with an insufficient level of strategic management created the risk of strategy execution failure and loss of market advantages.


To build strategic management system, we used the strategy execution approach of David Norton and Robert Kaplan, widely known in Russia as the authors of a balanced scorecard. The approach is based on the connection of operational activities with the strategy and allows to create a high-quality and reliable multi-level system of strategy execution.


In the process of implementing the strategy, a strategic management system was developed and built in parallel. Acumen Partners took over the functions and processes that are absent in the company at that moment. As the strategic management system was built, functions and processes were transferred to company management.


As a result of the project, the execution of the strategy was rated by the company as timely and of high quality. A system of strategy execution and a strategic management office were created. As a result of the strategy execution, the company strengthened its leadership position in the segment and increased turnover by 15%

Example of supporting a strategy execution