About Us:


We're a unique company thanks to the people who make us up.

At Acumen Partners, your potential is limited only by your talents and ambitions. There are no two identical career paths in the company. We provide a structure for success that is flexible, focused on applying your abilities and tailored to your needs. No matter what your career path is, Acumen Partners offers excellent competitive opportunities and exciting work.

Perhaps, as a new employee, you will traditionally join us as an analyst or consultant, depending on your professional achievements, experience and academic success. Once you have gained significant experience and in-depth qualifications, your career path may lead you to the position of project manager, later to the position of manager and, perhaps, eventually to the position of partner.

At Acumen Partners, teamwork is an integral part of the corporate DNA. Our daily work is geared towards achieving outstanding results of which we are rightly proud. We are fully committed to our clients and make every possible effort to ensure their interests.

Consultants of Acumen Partners typically have university degrees and / or an MBA. Professionals working in our team can tell you about their long, intensive and successful experience in Russia and abroad, both in leading consulting firms and in leaders of economic sectors. Their projects found useful both Russian companies and enterprises from the CIS countries.

If you share our principles, you think that you have sufficient knowledge and experience for a highly professional consultant and want to join our close-knit team — write to . Do not forget to attach your brilliant resume to the motivation letter.