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Transformation Management

Transformation and Change Management

Companies with difficulties, of course, need to change themselves. However, it is necessary for the most successful companies as well. Apple's greatness grew through several internal updates, Microsoft needs a transformation to confront Google, and Google does not stop looking for opportunities to rediscover itself anew. All great companies, at least periodically, are looking for a way to give a new impetus to their trajectory.

Strategic discoveries also require company transformation. Making long-term decisions will inevitably lead to changes in the company - otherwise strategies will dust on the shelves. Extensive background in strategic management and methods of change management allow us to accurately determine the in-depth drivers of future transformations and confidently involve all the necessary participants in their implementation.

What We Do

Transformation and Change Management

is neither a simple nor an easy task. If not properly planned and provided with resources, the change program can stall. Moreover, breakthrough ideas require difficult decisions. The solid background in managing a variety of integrated consulting projects allows us to be particular useful in managing changes you want to happen. Our help, as a consultant, will be especially effective in managing complex programs and projects and communicating changes within the organization.

As you well know, any project is "a planned set of interrelated actions, limited in time and resources ... aimed at obtaining a unique result." In other words, change is always a project. They need to be meticulously planned, provided with the necessary resources, including financial, to clearly outline the circle of managers and employees involved. In any changes, the participation of company management is important, since unpopular decisions must be taken and their implementation is ensured.

Communication plays an important role in this. It is critical not only to broadcast the decisions made, but also actively involve all participants in the changes. In order for a plan painted by notes to be played without falsity and in one rhythm, it is required to masterfully conduct the entire orchestra of participants. The best way to do this is to find a personal approach to each employee involved in the changes.

Integration After Merger or Acquisition

The ability to successfully integrate newly acquired companies is usually the most important factor affecting the merger and acquisition process. Integration is a tough process, and it needs the right approach if it is to be successful.

How We Help

The awareness of the desired outcomes of changes is the foundation of successful transformation. We help create a conceptual picture of the new state of a company or group in various aspects with the required level of detail. The depth of detail depends on the complexity and scale of the transformation to be made, the number and qualifications of the people involved in them.

It is also important to plan upcoming changes in terms of quality. It's no secret that any changes reinforce the feeling of uncertainty and make people wary of them. Adequate and realistic plans for step-by-step, consistent tasks and detailed requirements for intermediate results give confidence in their implementation and help to mobilize the team for the coming achievements.

Our in-depth understanding of the business environment and experience with numerous projects enables us to be successful in planning the required resources for a transformation. This aspect becomes especially crucial in those changes where intangible matters are involved that are difficult to see or measure. Strategic vision, management tools, corporate culture, relationships between people in the company - all this affects the result of a transformation.

It is equally important to conduct timely and intelligible articulation and communication of the ongoing transformations. When making changes, the resistance has to be overcome, to varying degrees, of practically every person involved in them. By understanding each participant's role, ultimate goals and expected results, and explaining his or her role in the process by working on emerging issues, we help to carry out the intended changes step by step. As an experienced guide, we help you to go through a difficult, unfamiliar path through the difficulties of daily change management to the expected and desired state.

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.