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Cases: Our Clients' Success Stories

A consulting firm is best represented by the results of its clients. Our clients share our passion for the challenges and the best results. Below you can read some examples of our clients' success.

Growth strategy

Growth Strategy

The new strategy provided additional annual growth of 15% against the backdrop of the global financial crisis

Help with a strategy execution

Supporting a Strategy Execution

Partly outsourcing of the strategic management functions to the consultant on for certain time allowed to avoid of slowing down the business growth rate

Scaling the business

Grow an Innovative Startup up to National Level

Creation of replicable business structures and regional expansion of an innovative business unparalleled in Russia and CIS countries

Example of an business reorganization

Business Restructuring

Changes in asset handling that significantly affect the value of the group

Помощь получении синергитического эффекта

Synergy in the Deal

Vertical integration of the two companies resulting in a 'more manageable' business and increased sales volumes

Support of an integration of a new asset

Integration of a New Asset

Cost reduction and increase in production volumes as a result of correctly performed integration after acquiring a new asset

assessing the level of strategic management for investors

Company's Strategic Level as an Indicator for Investors

Development of a toolkit for an international rating agency to compare the level of strategic management of different companies in BRIC countries

Strategic diagnostics and the strategy assessments

Strategic Diagnostics and Assessments of a Construction Group Strategy

Implementated management consulting project to assist in strategic diagnostics and assess the adopted strategy of a construction holding for the purpose of improving strategic management

Creating a private equity fund as a group value enhancer

Creating a Private Equity Fund as a Group Value Enhancer

Creating a new management company and group reorganization based on a private equity approach resulting in increasing of the group value