About Us:

What We Do

When asked what Acumen Partners do, we proudly declare our approach, which can be expressed with one phrase: "The art of shaping future. The future of your business."

Слоган Экьюмен Партнерс: "Искусство формировать будущее. Будущее вашего бизнеса."

The business of leading companies undoubtedly has an impact on the world around us. The way it will be in the future will affect the lives of many people. We understand the serious responsibility of long-term solutions and are willing to undertake today to create a worthy future together with you. ogether, giving a better shape to the future world can hardly be called a work, even the work of a sculptor. Rather, it is an art. The art of shaping the future.

We work with public and private companies-leaders in Russia and the CIS countries. Our functional expertise is focused on strategic tasks with diverse industry experience. With professional passion, we perceive the complex challenges our clients face. Often, such challenges can determine the future landscape of the market, industry, state.

Our clients include the largest companies and groups in Russia and the CIS. However, we also successfully consult private equity funds, medium-sized companies, small startups, non-profit organizations.

Our activity is aimed at helping shareholders and top management of companies to apply world-class management best practices. We study modern approaches and tools of global business management and, based on our extensive experience of working with companies in the former USSR, adapt them locally with our clients.

Acumen Partners assists businesses in applying global best practices in management solutions and technologies. Our services are focused on strategic tasks that we solve with a genuine passion for excellence. This does not mean that we are not capable of anything else. It's just that clients praise us for it most often.

We rarely come to the client with ready-made solutions and well-known templates and cliches. In our work, we make serious efforts to understand the unique features and details of our clients' business. We work together with you to solve problems. Only close work with management leads to the most effective unique result.

Your industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the nuances and details provide a wealth of useful and accurate information. On the other hand, the functional background of the consultants and their broad horizons help to correctly structure and process this information and to approach new initiatives creatively. The joint work of the two teams creates synergy. This is the only way to adapt the international management practice to local nuances and realities. This is the only way breakthrough unique solutions are born — in intense collaboration with your team.

We consider the business from the position of shareholders, in terms of the growth of its long-term value. Our interaction is focused on owners and top management, who seek to transform the company into its best version. We are developing a unique and original solution that suits you only.

Versatile knowledge and experience with a focus on strategic tasks, a deep understanding of the characteristics of the Russian-speaking business, attention to the details of the client's company — all this allows us to find unique solutions to complex problems, strengthening the leadership position of your business.

No less important is what we don't do. We never undertake tasks that we are not able to solve. We value our reputation and are ready to do only what we are professionals at.