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Structural Solutions

Structural Solutions

At Acumen Partners, we believe that collaborative people form the foundation of the business’s competitive advantage. Keeping this in mind, in all our work with clients, we strive to improve the work of employees and the effectiveness of the company. Focusing on both aspects, we design structures and create an organizational design that will ensure real comparative advantages over competitors.

Combining cold analytical calculation and deep multifaceted experience, we help orient the organization to a strategy, enhancing the short-term effectiveness and long-term health of the company.

What We Do

Corporate Center and its Role

When a business grows and includes a variety of areas, the importance of the correctly chosen role of a management company or corporate center multiplies. A survey of the role of the center helps officers of companies with a bloated and ineffective structure to determine the best business model for a company or group of holdings. It allows you to improve decision making and resource allocation, redistributing functions and responsibilities among the most appropriate units. None of the organizational components is as closely related to the modern growth of multi-disciplinary groups as the role of the corporate center.

A reorganization of a company or group poses a number of difficult tasks for a new structure. In various situations, we help design new structures. Whether a large-scale reorganization of an existing business is planned, plans for intensive growth are outlined, or regional or territorial expansion is carried out, the important thing is that such challenges will require a new structure, and not just an organizational one. Changing or adjusting the business model should be reflected in the operations, business processes and functional distribution. We help to design an effective business structure for your new goals.

Organizational design

Organization affects business performance greatly. In an increasingly complex world, organization is the key to enabling businesses to act quickly and adaptively. Highly effective organizations build a system, not a structure. A good design is usually based on business processes, which allows to build an decision-driven organization. Such an organizational system enables high-quality strategy execution.

Organizational Development and Change

An effective process of organizational change is almost as important as making the right decisions. Significant organizational changes are distracting and can threaten almost every employee. Starting an organizational change and not bringing it to an end is extremely negative for the business. The key to success is managing and leading change, not just pushing it.

How We Help

Creating an effective structure is a non-trivial task. In search of the optimal structure, we help shareholders and top-management to find answers to emerging questions:

  • What global trends affect our business and how do we choose the appropriate role and responsibility of the management company?
  • How do we determine the optimal size of the management company?
  • How can we most effectively add value to business units and business directions (through vertical synergies) at minimal cost?

In today's environment, the design of the organizational system should be based on issues such as:

  • How can we translate our strategic goals into organizational requirements?
  • Does the responsibility system correspond to organizational structure?
  • How can we reduce organizational complexity (bureaucracy) and still exercise the necessary control?
  • What characteristics do we need to be a high-performance company?

For a high-quality and efficient company structure, it must meet three mandatory principles:

  • The structure follows the strategy - it is important to build and / or adjust the structure, focusing it on strategic goals and subjecting it to the logic of strategic development
  • The structure is based on business processes - the functions that are carry out in departments should be systemically integrated and interconnected, ensuring that only the necessary tasks are performed
  • The structure is focused on creating value - everything that does not create value destroys it, increasing costs and making the company less maneuverable and competitive

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.