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Private Equity and Investments Management

Разработка стратегии

Properly used capital is a source of stable income. The combination of skills to create additional value and a wise investment opens up new possibilities for obtaining significantly higher returns.

Acumen Partners offer a balanced approach to investment capital management, including an organizational component that is uniquely linked with strategic issues and independent judgments of consultants with extensive experience in business.

What We Do

Direct investments (private equity) use an approach to managing investments in industrial assets of the real sector, which allows to increase the return on equity by several times. In today's challenging environment, investors must understand how to create real strategic and operational value in their asset portfolio.

We consult on the entire investment cycle. The experience of creating management companies and private equity funds allows us to be useful in tasks such as portfolio building, asset development strategies and exit strategies.

In contrast to investments in publicly traded companies, direct investments are targeted on private business. Closeness and greater authoritarianism in management creates additional risks for investors. However, it also allows you to significantly increase profitability, opening up opportunities for bold decisions. Skillfully made investments allow you to get a high return on invested capital. We help create an effective money management tool in emerging markets.

How We Help

Due Diligence

We help investors make an informed decision about a transaction by analyzing a potential investment object, evaluating opportunities to increase the performance and effectiveness of the asset, and preparing an integration plan.

Increasing Portfolio Value

Almost immediately after the merger (acquisition), we support the rapid return on investment by creating strategic agendas, holding meetings to bring management into line with strategic priorities and managing important initiatives. Throughout the time you are in the asset, we help in efforts to increase revenue and reduce costs, as well as to regularly update the plan to increase value.

Plan the Exit

We help make sure that an investor will complete the transaction with maximum return, preparing for the exit, determining the optimal exit strategy and pre-qualifying potential buyers.

Find a Portfolio Company Strategy

working together with management companies, we help them develop their strategy for sustainable success. It is necessary to carefully weigh and define such aspects as asset types, territorial diversification, industrial strategy, funding, organizational design and decision-making processes, the struggle for talents, maximizing investment opportunities.

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.