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Strategy Finding and Development

Strategy Finding

Strategy is important and determines a lot. The success of any bold enterprise depends on the awareness of what kind of business you are in (or should be in), understanding of the current and future sources of advantages in this business, and obtaining and using these irrefutable advantages.

Strategy has been at the cornerstone of our practice since its very foundation, the backbone around which our services are built. We use the latest achievements of strategic thinking to help clients identify, build and sustain a successful business. Our experience in the post-Soviet area allows us to find strategies that place our clients out of competition.

What We Do

Growth Strategy

is aimed at achieving the long-term ambitious goals of shareholders. This is the core competence of our business. We help companies focus on growth in terms of revenue, cash flow, business value - what is needed for sustainable profitable performance. We help to identify the core competencies that companies should focus on first. Quite often, we find that most businesses do not use their full potential. Understanding the in-depth skills of the company helps you deploy and leverage your most important business asset.

Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management

A corporate strategy is the group's plan to win, these are the steps that businesses need to take to beat their competitors. Effective strategies inspire action and inform teams of top managers, mobilize employees. Corporate strategy also allocates resources among diverse assets. Being a good operator is no longer enough. Prudent asset portfolio management is critical for sustainable value creation. It helps to determine with great accuracy which businesses, among many, should be focused on.

Business strategy

or a strategy of business units contains knowledge about the business you are conducting (or plan to conduct), an understanding of current and future sources of competitive advantages in this business, and determining a plan for obtaining and undeniably maintaining comparative advantages with competitors. Whether you're making long-term decisions, planning a new business or direction, ripe for qualitative change in a company, or preparing to attract investment, a sound business strategy will not only help you to successfully accomplish this, but it will also act as the axis, uniting the efforts of each employee in the overall movement towards goals.

How We Help

We have been engaged in strategic tasks for many years. We prefer to look at strategy as a way to create a better value proposition for your company's customers than that of your competitors.

  • We are attentive to details and nuances, and we notice things that many do not attach importance to
  • At the same time, our deep focus on strategic objectives and extensive industrial experience allows us to offer creative solutions
  • We work closely with clients, create long-term productive relationships and help mobilize a team for new achievements
  • We understand success as the achievements of our customers, we love our work and do our best to help customers in their business

To stay at the top, in today's environment, companies need to put in a lot of effort. Working on a corporate strategy, we find answers to the following questions:

  • How do we manage our asset portfolio for sustainable value creation?
  • What businesses will be the basis of our long-term development? What will be our "cash generators"?
  • What should be the goals, indicators and incentives among the portfolio assets?
  • What should we do with "non-key" operations for us?
  • If someone else owned our businesses, would they be able to create great value? Why?

When creating a strategy for business units, it is important not to miss the opportunities that arise and maximize the accumulated potential. We help with the questions that are the focus of our search for strategies:

  • How well are we positioned compared to our competitors?
  • How can we strengthen our competitive advantage? How do we learn from consumers today to better compete tomorrow?
  • What specific steps will allow us to be more successful?
  • Can our current business model secure the future for us?

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.