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Strategic Assessments

Strategic Assessments

Strategic assessments and general business diagnostics are focused on obtaining an unbiased professional opinion on the situation with management. In order to fine-tune strategic management strictly to the needs of the company, draw up a program for its creation and / or development, or evaluate the existing state of such tools, an experienced viewpoint at the situation is needed. Our extensive background in working on strategic issues allows us to evaluate the existing company strategy as well and express an opinion on its viability.

Acumen Partners also successfully conduct general business diagnostics using the experience of management consulting and the well-established strategic assessments methodology.

What We Do

Assessment of Strategic Management Effectiveness

helps to objectively characterize the situation with strategic management in a company, to clearly see gaps and weaknesses in this area that defines a business, and provides comparable benchmarks with other companies as well. Our experience, knowledge and methodology, developed and tested at several companies in the BRIC countries, allow us to assess how strategically your business is managed.

Using the strategy assessments methodology, we help ensure that your strategy is viable, feasible and capable of producing the desired results. The presence of strategic plans does not always indicate a cloudless of a company's development. Often, strategies contain subtle contradictions, incorrect assumptions, inaccuracies in analysis, visible only to the eyes of experienced professionals. All together it can lead to mistakes in long-term business development. More often, such shortcomings are found in the strategy developed by a company on its own. However, sometimes even the help of consultants does not always lead to flawless plans.

Managerial and Organizational Diagnostics

as well as general business diagnostics, it helps our clients to assess the current state of management in the company, to eliminate inefficiencies in organizational structures and decision-making structures, to understand weaknesses, white spots, and to find the root causes of difficulties in business development. One of the best indicators of management effectiveness is the organization's ability to make the right decisions, make them quickly and execute them efficiently without unnecessary (or insufficient) actions.

How We Help

An effective organization has undeniable competitive advantages over other market players. The best companies make better decisions more quickly, implement decisions more efficiently and with less effort. Acumen Partners a full range of tools and an experienced team to help remove organizational barriers and redirect irrational decisions in a constructive and effective way.

We help to determine the current situation with management, provide an objective assessment of the state of management in a company, objectively assess the company's strategy, and unbiasedly characterize the existing strategic management of a company.

Diagnostic and strategy evaluation services can have either a standard set or flexibly customized to the needs of a particular client. Together we outline the range of questions that need to be answered, and adjust the methodology taking these and other wishes into account. Often, in the course of diagnostics we reveal points that surprise shareholders and company management. Such findings most often fall into the development program.

Success Stories

Given that any diagnosis leads to a list of tasks, many of which are strategic, any consultation project can be cited as an example. In any case, before starting a consulting project, we carry out diagnostics to one degree or another. If it happens that clients want to perform diagnostics and then work with the results themselves, we happy to perform such as a detached task.