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Strategy Execution and Strategic Management

Стратегическое управление

Execution of the strategy is important. Suppose you have created an ingenious strategy. However, ask yourself: “Can we perform its execution in a quality manner?” Shareholders and senior management of the most companies invariably refer to strategy execution as the most significant management challenge.

Acumen Partners know and are able to create long-term management competencies in companies of almost any industry. Our methods are based on the latest achievements of world management thought in the field of strategy execution. Outstanding organizations do not rely on luck in long-term management. The presence in the company of a long-term management tool from a certain point becomes a necessity.

Acumen Partners are also capable of temporarily and partially taking over strategic management function, replacing the missing functions and personnel in the company during the period of increasing internal competencies. Usually this brings a synergistic effect, allowing you to both execute the adopted strategy and gain new competencies in practice with the support of experienced consultants.

What We Do

Strategy Execution and Balanced Scorecard

A strategy found and formulated in good faith does not mean its automatic implementation. It is important to closely link the process of strategy execution with annual planning, which contributes to a qualitative assessment of initiatives that affect the achievement of strategic goals and provides them with resources. Building a strategy management process through regular meetings that reviews reporting and corrects progress on strategic initiatives, helps organizations improve decision quality and team leadership. An in-depth analysis of the data collected as a result of the strategy execution helps to clarify and update the real sources of improving business performance.

Strategy Clarification, Mapping and Planning

allows to avoids the drawing up of a static “strategy as a document” and transforms it into a flexible strategy that can be executed. Using a well-established international methodology based on strategic maps and a balanced scorecard, the strategy cascades down the structure to determine exactly where, when, how and by whom it will be executed. Identification of key elements of the strategy and measurable indicators allows to effectively broadcast the strategy, organize strategic communications, which significantly affects the achievement of strategic indicators. The use of the concept of "Strategic Management Office", which is advisable to single out in organizations oriented to the strategy, helps to fine-tune and firmly link operations with the strategy.

Organizational Alignment with Strategy

An important component of the strategic management process is the alignment of structures with the strategy. One of the main challenges to organizational effectiveness is understanding the points of effort. Where the organizational system is focused on the processes and the structure of decisions, it is much easier to link the organization to a system of indicators, which reinforces and directs efforts towards strategic goals.

How We Help

A high-quality and innovative long-term plan does not always lead to results. According to Harvard study, up to 70% of strategies did not produce the desired results for reasons related to poor execution. Our clients more confidently manage the company strategically, because

  • they orient the organization on a strategy
  • their structure aligned with the strategy
  • their strategic management processes are transparent, comprehensible and regularly performed in a quality manner
  • they established an Office of Strategic Management

Also, if necessary, we are ready to temporarily and partially taking over the functions of a strategic management office in the process of its creation. Such a solution can be useful in the dynamic development of the company. The strategy execution system is a rather complex and subtle thing that does not hasten to create and configure. However, if the business is growing quite dynamically, the presence of a strategic management system at a certain stage becomes necessary. This restriction can be removed in whole or in part by entrusting the execution of strategic management processes to Acumen Partners.

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.