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New Markets and Teritories

New Markets and Teritories

As a rule, a successful business is a well-proven products / service. The growth of the business suggests that the product range may not only be in demand where the company operates. Such hopes give rise to the desire to enter new markets, to expand into new countries and continents. Developing a business in new markets requires carefully calculated and balanced decisions. The desire and willingness alone for territorial expansion are not enough. It is important to consider the nuances of markets in new territories similar to where your business is thriving.

The integrated approach of the Acumen Partners to facilitate entry into new markets allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the current product line and marketing, identify areas that require the most attention and draw up a clear and realistic improvement program.

What We Do

Expand With Existing Products / Services

Acumen Partners facilitates entry into new markets with an existing product or service. We assess the situation in the target market and consumer preferences, existing players, related markets. A thorough study of the planned territory allows us to analyze existing products / services and conclude that they will work for success and what needs to be adjusted to reduce risks.

With our experience and knowledge, it is much easier and less risky for clients to replicate operations in new territories, both within the country (or a region), and in the CIS and other countries. We analyze products / services, as well as existing company operations, and create the necessary structure and processes for new territories. This allows you to quite accurately control investment costs and successfully organize work in a new place in the shortest possible time.

New Product Development

In the development of a new product / service, there are always contradictions between marketing and production. Our strategic experience helps clients with the development of a new product or service at any stage - from an idea or prototype, to launch test sales in certain territories. We clearly articulate market requirements for the long term, and are able to align such requirements with the capabilities of customers.

At each step there are certain issues and decisions to be made. We carefully consider the best alternatives and help you make an informed decision.

How We Help

We help you find opportunities in other markets for your growing business. The reasons that drive you to look for new territories can be varied. However, confidence in the effectiveness of the business and the possibility of its replication creates tremendous opportunities beyond your current location. A careful examination of the core competencies and competitive advantages of your business combined with our a broad perspective and the international research background in various countries allow to find the most optimal ways to expand.

Perhaps your eyes are on a particular region. In this case, we are useful in determining the potential and attractiveness of the market in question. On this path, it is important not to take a wishful thinking for the reality. Sometimes a burning desire to start operations in a particular country with existing products / services can overshadow the objective reality in the chosen territory. We look soberly at your likely success.

Finding an attractive market does not make in itself your business successful. To get started, it’s important to find a market entry strategy. This will create new requirements for products / services, if necessary, adjust them, determine communication channels and sales channels, plan resources and time, and understand the risks and expectations of expansion.

Often, new markets impose new requirements on existing products / services. Cultural, geographical, business, political and many other differences, albeit small ones, may significantly affect the way your new potential customers perceive the offer. It is advisable to take into account local peculiarities: everyone knows the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans". We help formulate product requirements in new markets and take into account the subtle but de facto binding wishes of your new customers.

It is equally important to determine the appearance and structure of the company to work in the new market. Creating a new, in fact, company in a new territory is always subject to organizational risks. It is far from sufficient to copy existing structures and marketing tools. To take into account local peculiarities that are poorly distinguishable for the traditional viewpoint of the current business managers, as well as accurately use local nuances, — is the essence of our work. We help to design adequate structures and, if necessary, make adjustments to the company's image in a new place to ensure success.

Success Stories

We share the ambitions and aspirations of our clients. We work to understand their reality and deliver truly working results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. You can read some examples of how we had helped helped clients achieve, and sometimes even surpass, their goals.