Solved Cases:

Grow an Innovative Startup up to National Level

Creation of replicable business structures and regional expansion of an innovative business unparalleled in Russia and CIS countries


A young company, successfully developing an innovative startup at the junction of three industries, focused on the mass consumer. At the time of the project start, it was an office in Moscow and a planned office in St. Petersburg. One of the main goals was the development of the company to the national level. To achieve this goal, it was necessary, inter alia, to achieve the following two objectives:

  1. Find a strategy for development and regional expansion of the business idea, taking into account the fact that there was no similar business in Russia and the CIS.
  2. Plan the dynamics of changes in the operating structure and management structure for three years.


The replication of the business required a clear definition of market objectives and the competitive environment. This made it possible to position the product line taking into account regional specifics and formulate a growth strategy. The adopted growth strategy made it possible to design the future typical structure of representative offices, while regional specifics made adjustments for the purposes of detailed planning.


The project analyzed the experience and "best practice" of each of the three industries that are related to innovative business. Close analogues of business abroad were also analyzed. An analysis of consumer preferences was carried out and consumer behavior was simulated for the innovative product using internal know-how. Based on the data obtained, strategic planning was carried out, including territorial growth plans in selected regions. Regional growth plans were used to model operational activities in the dynamics over the course of three years.


The resulting calculations formed the basis for detailed development plans for the coming years, and determined the volume of investments, their dynamics and rate of return. Ultimately, the project results also helped make the investment decisions.

Example of business scaling