Solved Cases:

Integration of a New Asset

reduced costs of operations, increased production volumes and increased sales as outcomes of the correctly executed integration after acquisition


The group of companies, one of the leading manufacturers of consumer goods in the market, has decided to merge with a small but rapidly growing company. The purpose of the merger was to strengthen the market position, vertical integration of the production chain, reducing the time of the production cycle and, ultimately, increasing sales.


Typically, two main components make a merger successful:

  • True strategic focus
  • Proper integration planning and execution

Taking into account all aspects - marketing, product, production, as well as a detailed study of the functional and processes of both companies, human resources and cultural characteristics allow us to develop a viable and effective integration plan.


A 2-year integration plan has been developed that focuses on merger objectives and takes into account the specifics of both companies. The efforts of Acumen Partners were not only aimed at preparing the plan. Our consultants were directly involved in its implementation. Regular monitoring, analysis and, if necessary, preparation of control actions ultimately led to the timely implementation of the integration plan and allowed us to achieve the merger goals.


Correctly planned and executed integration brought added value to the business, reduced costs of operations, as well as allowed to increase production volumes and sales.

Example of a new assets integration