About Us:

Who We Are

Acumen Partners — a specialized company in the field of management consulting focused on stratgic issues. Since 2009, we have been providing services in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. The experience of our successful projects covers the financial sector, energy, telecommunications, FMCG, manufacturing, and construction.

The first word in the name of the company is — Acumen, which means "perspicacity", “insight”, “accuracy”, “sharpness of mind”, a deep perception of the true nature situations, the ability to quickly make correct judgments. In turn, the English word comes from Latin

  • acuere - "sharpness", "sharpen", and
  • acus - "needle", "target point".

The distinctive feature of Acumen Partners has been and will continue to be the ability to realize the nature of things, to penetrate deeper into the situation, to see their essence. It is this part of the corporate DNA that allows us to create unique solutions to the complex problems of our clients. Thus, by understanding the meaning, we help to find or more clearly demonstrate uniqueness — the cornerstone of leadership.

At Acumen Partners, leadership is not the desire to rise above all, but to support the desire of others, — clients or fellow consultants, — to exceed their own expectations. Acumen Partners is committed to helping leaders reach their full potential, recognizing that each leadership path is unique in its own way.

What we believe in:

  • Our success depends entirely on the success of our clients. Only in this way, putting the interests of the client above our own, can we be a leader in management consulting. By acting in this way, we exceed customer expectations.
  • However, that doesn't mean we do whatever the client asks us to do. Independence of opinion is our credo - we always call a spade a spade, as we see them.
  • We strive to act professionally — to demonstrate honesty and decency. Respects local customs and culture if this does not affect our honesty.
  • We keep client confidentiality, do not disclose inside information, do not demonstrate our good work. We focus on the client's success.
  • Teamwork gives the best results. We do not compete with each other. We share a structural approach to problem solving, based on thoughtful, research-supported, carefully analysed opinions that become good recommendations.

Acumen Partners is a company that you can rely on to solve complex, non-trivial, rare, unique and challanging problems. Tasks that you will encounter only perhaps once, we successfully solve every day.